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The PACAMA team had finished all of the preparations for the upcoming export of Frozen Pineapple Dice 10×10  to Taiwan, ETD: Dec …

As we have said in the post before, there are three requirements for customs clearance: the heavy metal standard, the bacterium standard, …

One of the tropical fruits that is rich in nutrients for humans is the passion fruit. Both passion fruit puree with seeds …

Why Choose Us?

Our promise to customers and partners:

1. We invest in farms and follow the procedure

By working closely with the farmers, and controlling the input and the soil nutrients, we ensure the yield of each plant during the year and thus, guarantee your standard and meet your demand.

2. Consistent and constant product quality

The experience of receiving fluctuating quality from different shipments is a concern for all importers. At PACAMA, we are committed to a long-term consistency in quality to ensure our partners’ confidence in us.

3. Various product list

A wide range of suppliers all over Vietnam and our logistic expertise allow us to be a one-stop-shop for a diversity of agricultural products. The worry of having to seek different supplies for different products and quantities will be alleviated when working with us.

PACAMA team visit pineapple farm in Kien Giang Province

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