As we have said in the post before, there are three requirements for customs clearance: the heavy metal standard, the bacterium standard, and the pesticide residue standard

Verifying the heavy metal standard could help you to ensure that the import of frozen fruits and vegetables goes successfully. So today, we want to share with you how the PACAMA team manages the heavy metal standard. 


The first thing the Pacama team does is determine which region is best for the fruit. Each sort of fruit will actually be developing healthily in suitable condition. For instance, mangoes grow well in alluvial areas in Dong Thap whereas pineapples grow well in mangrove areas in Kien Giang.



Secondly, we collect agricultural soil for laboratory testing of heavy metals annually. We need to make sure the soil is “safe” for growing and free of five common heavy metals.



Finally, before hassing, we always inspect and analyze again



About PACAMA, PACAMA Ltd is a trading company located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. With the mission “Bring Vietnamese food to the world”, we specialize in exporting frozen fruits and vegetables from Vietnam. PACAMA is committed to bringing products that meet international standards with prestige, responsibility, and dedication.

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